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I was feeling pretty discouraged about my laptop today.  It seemed that everytime I found something that looked like a recent backup, it turned out to be something from June or July.  I tried to be positive about it, telling myself that 3 months of work would seem insignificant in the long run.  I even made a list of things to do, which usually cheers me up (being the neurotic weirdo that I am).  But instead I just ended up sulking for a bit; typing random things into search engines like “Vaio won’t start”… “laptop is dead”…

I happened upon a forum where someone said to unplug the power cord, turn the computer on, wait 5 minutes, turn it off, then plug the cord in and turn it on again.  Being that I’d already tried a bunch of other things, I wasn’t super enthusiastic.  So I just followed the directions thinking it would be futile… then low and beyond, it works!  My computer booted and I can use it again!

And to think I was planning on taking the laptop to Bestbuy… they probably would have charged me an arm and a leg (my warranty ran out) to ship it somewhere, and in the interim I would have probably redone everything anyway.  So now I’ve learned my lesson and I’m gonna back that up like I was Juvenile.  I’m so happy. 

I don’t even have the words to describe how funny and weird this video is.


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