Weekend Updates 12-2-07

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What a nice number!  Two 2’s and a 7.  And with that I will write about this weekend’s Blue Star progress:

1.) Downloaded and set the priorities and passability for the Ultimate indoor and outdoor tilesets (if you’ve worked with these you know how long they are).
2.) Finished the maps for Doogay Swamp, Izaya, and Basho.
3.) Made the entrance to the Mountain Melon Farmlands.
4.) Made a list of all the maps in the game; there are a total of 40 (not including indoor areas like homes, stores, vehicles, etc.). For example, the first location is Leeble Village… but the village has sub-areas like the surrounding forests and all the Leebles’ huts.
5.) Started the tileset redo list.

I figure, I should aim for about one location per day (including the indoor areas and scripting events). I’m going to try and get the following finished in the coming week:
1.) Finish the map for the Mountain Melon Farmland. – Monday
2.) Finish the indoor maps for Izaya and Basho. – Wednesday
3.) Script the events and add the dialogue up until the Momes. – Thursday and Friday
4.) Add battles to the Momes. – Monday
5.) Rethink the introduction. – Whenever inspiration strikes, haha.

I also need to spend a couple hours finishing the SFX for Tikgames on Monday, and I need to work on the music for George’s game next week as well… and the St. Charles concert is on Thursday so I have to make sure that the kids are all prepared with their Christmas music.

I also thought of something that Kenny might be able to help me with. RMXP has trouble with lag on large maps; it’s really quite bothersome when you full-screen the game. I wonder if there’s a way to fix this?

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