Yays and nays

January 22, 2008 at 12:07 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I finally finished integrating the music into the introduction! Sadly, as I was cutting out two measures from “The Great World” I managed upon a familiar problem… synchronization issues. I remember only a few days ago I was recording the Triton as it played back my MIDI sequence using its own sounds. Everything synched up perfectly. But today, I tried this very same thing only to find that when I played back the MIDI at the same time as its audio counterpart, the audio would gradually become out of sync with the rest of the project. After about a minute, it was a whole second off and screwing up the entire song. Just like before. Anyone who knew the 2004-me knew that this was like the bane of my existence. I don’t know how much of my life was spent on forums and help sites attempting to fix this. Let’s just say I spent years getting around this. YEARS. No one could get it to work. In the end I just chalked it up to my precarious setup (laptop->external soundcard->mixer->hard synths, etc.), which seems logical because when I got a desktop (internal soundcard) and Sonar 6 (thank-you George) my problems finally (after like 3 years) disappeared.

Suffice to say I had a complete and total breakdown. I was sitting at my computer bawling thinking about how just the other day I was like “wow, it’s SO wonderful not to have sync issues… it makes my job like 100x easier.” So frustrating. But thankfully we had a great time tonight and it totally took my mind off of things. George’s comapny had its belated Christmas party at Dave & Busters, so we all got drinks and played lots of games and talked about fish genes and Megaman. I won a fabulous flashing amulet that looked like a raver’s version of the sparkly from Secret of Nimh. After getting home, I found an alternate soft synth to use for “The Great World” so I wouldn’t have to bother with audio… (when cutting two measures out and re-exporting the .wav, I needed to find a sound to go with a track which was previously utilizing a soft synth I no longer had). Then I was able to import that shorter version, and messed around with the ME until it finally fit.

Yay! And nay… I’m going to be dealing with the sync crap again *sigh*. But on the bright side, I’m really happy to be getting things done. I’m almost almost finished with the demo… I just have to put in some more music.



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  1. *meep*

  2. Hi Pan, I’m almost finished!! I’m just putting in some more music, so the demo might be finished by the end of the weekend (fingers crossed).

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