Derby Demo

February 15, 2008 at 12:07 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

GDC starts next week, and while I’m going to be looking for an artist while I’m there, George suggested I enter the G.A.N.G. Derby Demo. It’s this guild of video game musicians, and members have the option of submitting a 60 second demo for review. I’m not entirely sure if it’s a competition or not, but I think it’s good practice to do things like this. So in the process of making this demo for submission, I’ve learned that you can’t do a whole lot in 60 seconds. In fact, as hard as I tried, I still came out 1:02:13 which I’m not sure is allowed. I was just planning on time compressing it in Soundforge, but the quality went down, so I might have to find 2 seconds to shave somewhere… it’s tough though, because it’s already so cut down that I feel like everything has a place. Oh well, more of a challenge!

Here is the original 1:02:13 version… it is a sampling of 3 pieces from my game: Premonition, Sweet Unlucky (the battle theme), and Dominic’s theme (Carya de mio).

Perhaps posting this will help remind me to shave off those 2 seconds before GDC.


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  1. BEAUTIFUL game and your musical prowess is off the charts!! I love your detailed sprite and environment art; thank you for sharing your talent, story, and vision with us. You sound so lovely on Zombies vs. Plants, too! When is your full game coming out? Imma buy it! You’ve dedicated so much time and effort into your creation :]

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