Recolored Aero

March 29, 2008 at 10:47 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I realize I haven’t updated in quite some time… Unfortunately, the month of March has not yielded a whole lot of progress for The Blue Star. I have several new VGM projects amongst other things that have monopolized my time as of late. But just this past week I jumped back in again… can’t stay on hold forever! I decided to redo Izaya… I was inspired by the excellent mapping in some of the projects over at rmxp so I took it upon myself to improve my technique. I’ve learned a few things:

Izaya with sunbeams
(This is my new version of Izaya… the sunbeam fog is purely cosmetic right now, I haven’t figured out how to add it in game yet)

-The more water you can work onto the map, the better. Streams cutting randomly through things, waterfalls adorning the mountainside, etc. It makes everything look nicer.
-Rounded and diagonal autotiles go a LONG way in making a map look more professional. The original RTP water autotiles are square, causing your streams to look like blocky staircases. I spent countless hours trying to make my streams look decent before, but with rounded ATs it’s so much easier.
-Fogs, especially animated ones can really add to a project. I played one game called “Imagine a World” that made excellent use of moving sunbeams and clouds, and now I really want to learn how to implement something like that into my game. I have scripts for lighting particles that I should really take advantage of too.
-What seems cluttered and repetitive might actually make the map look better. At first I tried my best not to reuse tiles (like, you’d never see 2 of the same flower on the screen at a time if it could be helped). But after playing some rmxp demos, I noticed that really nice looking maps often utilized the same tile over and over again (trees and bushes for example), and it actually made it look great! So I tried it out for myself and low and behold, it improved my map!

I was also very thankful for the help of Sharky who recolored Aero for me. Now she blends well with the RTP…

Recolored Aero


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