Cool fan art

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I had to share these as well… Some of my friends from Spongen made some really lovely pieces of fan art:

This first one is from Avadan 🙂


This one, called “Finders Keepers” is from Professor Yoshi 🙂

Professor Yoshi

And Reives did this lovely rendition of Traces!

Thank-you everyone, these are so awesome!


July updates

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I have to apologize for not having updated in such a long time!  I’ve gotten several emails asking about whether or not I’m still working on “The Blue Star” and the answer is definitely yes ^_^  So I figured it was about time for me to post a bit about my progress.  First of all, thank-you to everyone who has played the 2nd demo and left me feedback either here or through email… your support is greatly appreciated and truly motivates me!  Since my last post:

Sophie's_workshop Mark's Clockshop

1.) I’ve managed to finish the tilesets and maps for the next several locations in the game (The pirate’s ship, The OEG (Orderian Engineer’s Guild), Ciro’s Capital, and the Taezu Freedom Fighter Base).  Above is a picture of Sophie’s workshop.  Sophie is an aerial engineer who works for “Aerial 5,” a faction in Ciro that designs airships and other related technology.  Despite being only 14, her younger brother Ethan was recently recruited into Ciro’s army and stationed somewhere in Taezu. But her hope is that when Ethan returns (and when she can afford a Steamshod for her personal airship), they can start up a brother-sister courier service.  Until then, you can meet her in the OEG… she has goggles and a purple braid 🙂

Ciro - ballroom

2.) The bulk of my time as of late has been going towards creating gameplay for the new areas; designing NPCs and their dialogue, eventing cut-scenes, and adding quests and puzzles.  I like to make it so that folks who enjoy reading dialogue have the option to talk to some of the NPCs a couple times and get different messages.  Above you can see a shot of the Ballroom in Ciro Castle.  I took this screenshot a while back, so it’s changed ever so slightly since then.  This part of development seems to take me the longest since I try to put a lot of thought into all the dialogue… my brain is always exhausted after working on cut-scenes >_<

3.) I redesigned the town of Basho so that it doesn’t look so bland and spread out… now it’s easier to navigate, and looks a lot nicer.  I also added a little sidequest there called “Atelo’s Cake” that I’m quite partial to.  It’s not a forced quest though, so if you say “no” enough times you won’t get to do it 🙂

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