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I finally got around to making a video with some gameplay footage for Melolune… hope you enjoy it!

Quick links

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I wanted to share my game’s new theme song which plays during the introduction:
Melolune main theme

And here is a quick link to the IGF demo of “Melolune” in case you don’t want to read that long babbling blog entry that I just wrote, haha (my apologies… I just can’t be brief sometimes):
Melolune IGF demo


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Hi everyone! I’m really happy to say that I’m finally nearing the end of production on my game, and I’ve submitted a demo of it to the Independent Games Festival! Ever since I finished up work on Plants vs. Zombies I allowed myself about 6 months to basically work full-time on my game. It’s taken a toll on my wrist (never spend 13 hours mapping and setting passabilities and priorities on your maps… for whatever reason, that type of clicking is like 10x harder on your wrist than playing a game of DoTA I kid you not)… but I’m really excited about how everything’s been working out. I’ve imagined for years how the cutscene about Aero’s history would play out… and to actually have it finished and be able to watch it makes me so happy…

Anyways, I wanted to announce that I changed the name of my game to “Melolune,” so I figured I’d make a post explaining the meaning of the title. My old demo’s intro gave you a glimpse into the protagonists’ childhood world, but for the most part it was pretty ambiguous. I went back and redesigned the intro so that more about his past would be revealed upfront. Basically, Achaius came from a place where people collected song fragments (called Melolune) in order to keep their world alive… then his parents died and he was separated from his twin due to reasons unbeknownst to you. You play as Achaius after his separation (and after he was adopted by the tribe of Leebles)… and the rest of the game is spent figuring out how and why this happened (along with a bunch of other things). For a while now I’ve been developing a fairly unique musical dungeon mechanic where you solve puzzles by collecting song fragments… as Achaius, you have the power to put them together in order to absorb various abilities that help you get through dungeons and explore the world.

I have to say… I love this mechanic because it’s sort of my expression of what I like about composing and arranging. When I was a kid I used to sit there listening to the music from old Megaman games. I always tell people that when I was around 8-10 years old I recorded Megaman 3’s “Hard Man” stage onto casette tape so that I could listen to all the various parts and figure out how they blended together. I probably learned more about composition from this than from my piano lessons! Basically, I wanted to find a way to share this concept with others… and this mechanic is sort of the result ^_^

Anyways… if anyone is interested in checking out the IGF demo, it’s about the same length as the 2nd demo (it ends where you’re on the boat going to Ciro) but it’s got a lot of new stuff. I wanted to submit something much longer (I’m actually about 80-90% finished with the linear gameplay), but George recommended that I submit only the section that was polished and bug-tested… which I think was sound advice, hehe. The IGF demo has a new battle system, new menu, new introduction which offers more insight into Achaius’ childhood world, the new musical dungeon mechanic, redesigned maps, and a couple more sidequests. I have to say, the battles are much more fun now. They’re still not as cool as Chrono Trigger or anything, but they’re quite a bit improved from the 2nd demo. So without further ado, here’s the link:

Melolune IGF Demo!

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