You are Achaius, an enthusiastic and kind human boy. At one time, you lived peacefully with your mother, father, older sister, and twin brother Caleigh in a world where people were classified primarily by their inborn professions. After a catastrophic event takes your parents’ lives, you become separated from your twin due to various circumstances. “The Blue Star” focuses on the life of Achaius several years after his separation from Caleigh.

Time has brought you to a village filled with small cat-like creatures with wings and long tails known as Leebles. These creatures have essentially adopted you into their tribe, and you consider them your family. Your two best friends are a Leeble named Aero, and the only other human in the village, Dominic. The three of you work hard to protect the village, and help with everything from gathering food to watching over the young Leebles. Recently, soldiers from the “Ciro Order,” a large faction from the world’s central continent of Ciro have set up camp near the forest. Their presence has been increasingly stressful for the village due to safety concerns and strained resources. After a Leeble child has been critically wounded by a Ciro Soldier, the village chief realizes they will inevitably lose their lives if they don’t relocate. After confessing about his former life as a Ciro soldier, Dominic volunteers to travel back to Ciro’s lands to ask the military council not to hurt the Leeble Village. Achaius and Aero also agree to go.

Together, Achaius, Aero, and Dominic begin their journey to the continent of Ciro with the purpose of saving the village. All the while, Achaius’ desire to find his twin and understand the meaning behind their separation has been growing stronger. Throughout their travels the group will join up with characters whose lives have also been affected by the Ciro Order, discover conflicts that are affecting their world, and attempt to untangle secrets about their pasts.



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  1. Must say I’m really impressed with your work the game looks lovely and i cant believe you’ve done all that by yourself 4-5 hour long demo is incredible I am going to reinstall my computer next week and have no wish having to restart but as soon as I am up and running again I will try demo out relly looking forward to it

    Cheers Mathias Byberg Sweden

    • Hi Mathias, thank-you for your comment 🙂 I’ve still got a lot left to finish, but hopefully I can stay on task and get it all done soon. I hope you enjoy the demo!

  2. Hello Laura!

    An acquaintance of mine shared your website with me. I am thrilled by your project! Will The Blue Star be a commercial (or not) game? We have interesting localization and deployment utilities for RPG Maker XP and VX. Available but in commercial (for a fee) or non-commercial (free, but we interact with the teams rather than sending the utilities) license. See the video on

    You can also contact me directly by email, it’s written on my blog on top left pane. Good luck with your project. I’ll rss your site. =)

  3. Oh! This sounds AWESOME! I wannit! Hehehe…

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