The new IGF Demo is online! You can download it here:

Melolune IGF demo

Melolune IGF Demo

You no longer need to download any additional files in order to install and play the game. This version is about the same length as the 2nd demo (between 2-4 hours depending on how you play), it ends roughly around when you get on the boat to Ciro. But if you’ve already played the 2nd demo, I recommend you still try out this version if only for the new introduction ^_^ Things you can find in the new demo:

-Updated battle system with more interesting battles
-New menu system
-New introduction which offers more insight into Achaius’ childhood world
-Original musical dungeon mechanic with new music
-Added sidequests
-Improved maps and bug fixes


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  1. Playing it right now and enjoying the lovely music, great quality soundtrack.

  2. This is a lovely game. These are some of the prettiest tile-based graphics I’ve seen. And the music is great!

  3. Tee-hee… I’ve been wanting a music file of Ultimate Battle for my music collection ever since I heard it in Plants vs. Zombies, but I couldn’t get it from that game because PopCap had locked away all your music in that darned main.pak file. But I was able to get it from this game instead. Yay! πŸ˜€

    As for the game itself, I think it’s giving away too many HP-restoring items and not enough MP-restoring items, which is a bummer to me because I like using special attacks. I’d like it if you could adjust the balance for the next version.

    • Hi Pikadude, thank-you for the feedback. One of my friends pointed out that with just a little grinding in the Upperland Forest he was able to amass 99 Tonics! So I’m definitely making sure to change that. I’ll also have a few more MP restoring items in time for the 3rd demo πŸ™‚

      And I’m so glad you liked “Ultimate Battle”… I’ve been really wanting to release a Plants vs. Zombies OST with all that music on it, but I’m still waiting on Popcap’s approval. If I can though, I’ll definitely post about it here πŸ™‚

  4. This seems like a REALLY fun game, and i downloaded it but, it pops up then closes D:
    i wonder what it is

    • Hi Aurora πŸ™‚ Hmm… have you downloaded and installed the RTP? That’s the first thing that comes to mind, but please let me know if it’s still not working.

  5. I love the music!
    The storyline is good.
    Its just amazing.

  6. Noo I don’t know what to do when you try to get a pass to Debonet.
    I mean how do I get a pass? Any one know?

    • Hi Jason, thank-you for checking out the demo, and I really appreciate your support ^_^ In order to get the pass you have to go to the town of Basho which is directly north of Debonet. As long as Andy (blue haired guy) is in your party, you can go to the guard’s station there and they’ll give you a pass.

      • Oh thanks i feel dumb :p

    • I was wondering where I would find Andy? o.O Thank you ^-^

      • Hi Manda, to find Andy you have to go to the town of Izaya (it’s the location directly south of Leeble Forest… you go through a swamp full of zombies to get there). Once you are in Izaya, through a series of events (speaking with Cedar in the Inn, getting kicked out of the Inn, and getting advice from a woman on the 2nd floor of the Inn) you’ll be told to sleep at the Verda Grove. Andy will come to you while you’re sleeping.

        Thank-you for playing the game, I really appreciate it!

  7. Looks really good! Can’t wait for the full game to come out!

  8. Hi!
    i’m downloading the game…
    i suposed:thats the game of Laura Shigihara i must play it…

    you are mi IDOL!!!

    Plants vs Zombies is the best game i played in my life


  10. I’m playing it now and i think it’s good. Music is great, maps are detailed. But there is one thing i think you should add- some kind of enemy health bar in battle or something like this so player could see how much hp enemy had.

  11. […] asked me about the level design process and I want to share this with you. ( Check out the demo of Melolune, Laura’s latest RPG! […]

  12. 加油~

  13. Hi there!

    just wanted to pop in and give my thoughts on the demo (version 2.2).

    first of all, I enjoyed it very much! The humor is golden and the atmosphere is fantastic. Leeble Village really looks like a lovely place to live! And the music is top-notch. πŸ˜‰ (Although the Plants vs Zombies song during the boss battles did draw me out of the world a bit; I guess that’s a placeholder? =P )

    I did find some textual errors though: Here are two for if you haven’t caught them yourself yet.

    1. When you talk to the soldier in the weapons/armor shop in Basho, the weapons vendor responds to his remarks. The text/name/title above that response says he’s the “Armor Vendor” though instead of the weapons vendor.

    2. Mola has the same wrong text/name/title in one instance. He/she is called “Melolune” right after you beat him/her in the boss battle.

    I think there were 1 or 2 other small errors like these somewhere in the beginning of the game, but I’m afraid I didn’t think of writing them down when I saw them… =(

    Oh also, in Debonet, when you look at the statue in the weapons/armor shop, the armor vendor shouts something like “Is there something wrong with your hands?” I was wondering if that shouldn’t be “Is there something wrong with your eyes?” instead, since he obviously does’t want you to touch it. XD

    Apart from that, I feel the game might be too easy. I don’t know if that was intentional for the demo? Anyway, I didn’t use any consumables and didn’t grind, but I never really got into any danger in the battles. Since you’ve got a great save system (you can save at anytime AND the games itself offers to save regularly ❀ ) I think you can safely increase the difficulty. =)

    Oh, and I was wondering if there's a way to quit the game during the very first part, so between the start of the new game and when you arrive at Leeble Village? Since pressing ESC didn't open the main menu for me. If not, then it might be good to add that. =) (I think it's good to be able to quit at anytime, just in case you suddenly get a phone call or something and can't play on. =P)

    OK, enough rambling from me. Let me say again that I really enjoyed playing the demo, mostly because of the terrific atmosphere (backgrounds and music) and because of the humour too. I hope my comments are of any help; I'd love to try and track down the other 1-2 textual errors I think I remember, if you'd want me to.

    OK, thank you for sharing the great demo and thank you for your time reading my ginormous post! ^_^

  14. Hey shigi. I hope you don’t find any of my findings of your bugs to be disheartening or my criticism to think badly of me. I won’t tell you any of the little tiny bugs cause I don’t think there worth the time unless you plan on making this a FULL FULL RELEASE…. except for this first one. Anyway, (I know it’s just a text error but it really damaged the first appearance of the game) at the beginning of the game the mother says “And please be nice to your big sister, she’ll be taking care of you til then”. Once you get to leeble village, you can walk through the water/river/stream thing at the bottom right (w/e you wanna call it) and walk straight into the trees and bushes. Once you’re at the blue star festival in leeble village, there is a bug where if you go to the first level of the tree complex and just keep walking right, you can walk off the ledge and walk on air!

  15. This game reminds me of Terranigma.
    I love that game even if I played it almost tens years after its release. πŸ˜€

  16. You don’t have any technical details that I can find, and I’m curious: how are you making this game? Coding from scratch, coding on top of another game engine, or using a game-making suite like Game Maker?

    • Ah wait, I decided to go back to the first entries to see if you’d have an entry describing it there, and you did. XD

      I didn’t realize RPG Maker included scripting, now! I really should get on this Ruby thing, I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

  17. This demo is great, and I am sure the game will be too. I found your work through Plants vs Zombies; after hearing the great music I wanted to know who made it.

    Are you planning on releasing another demo before the game is completed, bug-tested, and completed, or should I just hold out for the finished product?

    Also, about the Star Festival in the beginning- I was unsure of whether or not there was something that I should do there that wouldn’t come around again. If there were some tasks you could complete at the Star Festival, it would probably make it seem like you finished the festival, rather than wonder if there was something that you missed.

  18. I played your demo 2.2 and here’s my review on it so far:

    gameplay – easy to understand I like the combat system, can’t wait until you can use “legendary” powers. Love the puzzles. The dialogue is easy(love the humor, made me chuckle a couple of times throughout the demo). I really like how you did the encounters to be like chrono trigger, since i just have a bit of a pet peeve with random encounters.

    story – really got me into it, which is probably one of the biggest reasons why i got into this. can’t wait to learn more. I found it kind of funny since the Weeble forest has a festival, and Chrono trigger has one too. I really like the flash backs too, I really want to know Achaius’ past.

    music – love it, no song is out of place…but one thing that was on my mind, when I went through the swamp, was that song by chance, cut from Plants vs. Zombies? (it just seems like a song that WOULD have been put in the game)

    Graphics – the backgrounds look beautiful, especially with the rays of light(sometimes they can be a bit much). I am kind of annoyed though to look at the character’s feet sometimes “stick out” of certain backdrops(like bridge walls). The overworld seems kind of pixely, but I still love how you implemented an large overworld, since i like that.

    bugs – none, that i encountered when i played from beginning to end of the demo. the only thing was seeing the backdrops look odd with he characters.

    Overall, I can’t wait to play the full game Laura.

    (maybe i should post a fan-pic)


  19. Hey there! I stumbled here while looking at your WordPress blog. Great game! Keep up the good work! ^^

    May I ask what you use in developing the game? Any tools, programming languages, software, etc.? Thanks and more power! ^^

  20. Excuse me, Shigihara. I’m one of your fans since I played PvsZ game, and been tracking down the OSTs in the net. I’ve found some OSTs from forum, but what surprised me most is that I found you posting there! And that’s how I stumbled here, and while I at it, let me rate your game pls.

    The thing is, I couldn’t download the demo cus my net lag >___<. (6/10)

    Well, maybe that's all, Overall, GREAT, it's 8/10. I hope you don't get annoyed, for the last time (I hope), sorry.


    P.S. I want to upload some example artworks for Achaius and Dominic, etc, so if you interested, you can email me at I'll gladly contribute to this project, so please use my help if you want some characters designed ^^. And sorry for the long post!

    • ah, see? my net really lagged, I can’t even post what I want to say here, here what I meant to say

      The thing is, I couldn’t download the demo cus my net lag, so I can only rate based on screenshots, vid, and what people said. Okay, here it is

      Story, Based on the story in the story page, looks like you already put it together. The story is good, really, I like the “untangle secrets about their pasts.” parts . Other than that, sorry, haven’t played even the demo yet ^^. (8/10)

      Music, Should I really say it loud? It’s GREAT damn it! Of course, after all, you’re the one who made me surf on the net for hours only for your music! How long have you composed music? Genius, haha. Oh, and I like your piano playing in the youtube ^^. (10/10)

      Graphics, Don’t worry, I’m one of old games fans (like MegaMan, Chrono Trigger, Mario ^^ haha, good old memories). The graphics are good, but the one that really astound me are the tree houses, it’s really good.
      The only things that concerns me are the character designs, no offense sorry, they’re not bad, but not that good either (once again, sorry), you’re the one who draw them right? The cats are good, but the people, sorry, the only difference about Achaius and Dominic are only their hair! If you want, you can ask for people to help for that one, ex: me, I’m quite confident on drawing people, not that good though, and I couldn’t draw scenery. (6/10)

      Well, maybe that’s all, Overall, GREAT, it’s 8/10. I hope you don’t get annoyed, for the last time, sorry.

  21. wow. gameplay was amazing, but the sound track just blew me away.

    you have an amazing talent, please, please tell me your songs are available for download somewhere?

    you have definitely got yourself a new fanboy here πŸ˜‰

    • Inside the Audio\BGM folder. These folder were located at the installation folder. (Not posted by Laura Shigihara)

  22. This game shows alot of promise, just breezed through the demo, I like the little bursts of humor, and the town layouts, you’ve done well with what RMXP gives you.
    If I was too point out any flaws, you have quite a few sprite errors going on, for instances you can walk ontop of tall flower statues, and the nigglying NPC walkthrough ability, they just walk in through and under the hero. And the floating crowd the front row were flying?(I know they are supposed to be jumping, but cause you set them too above hero, it makes them appear to be flying) Now, aside from my niggling comments, what I really have to complement you on. Is the music, it truly is your forte. I could of sat in leebo village and done nothing for hours listening to that music.(why doesn’t RL come with asound track?) if I ever get round to making my anime idea, I’m going to be hiring you for the music. Your work rivals Nobou’s.
    All I can say though, is keep up the good work. I’m even tempted to start drawing fanart for your game and it isnt even completle yet!

  23. hi laura! i’ve just downloaded your game and i’m amazed! i’ve missed playing games like this! (like suikoden 1 and 2, chrono trigger etc.) you sure had spent a lot of time doing this game πŸ™‚ I also liked the music! so awesome πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for the final release! πŸ˜€ goodluck!

    • just finished the demo, i can’t really wait for the full version!!!! hahaha! XD the game is so awesome!!!!!!!

      • looks fun from the preveiw i watched P.s. loved ur music in PVZ

  24. Hello laura!! Me and my friends have tried your game and we are left stunned, your game is fantastic and dramatic soundtracks. I love the charm of the characters especially the Aero, but I did not know she was a woman lol.
    I hope not to abandon the project and follow on.

    PS: The introduction is sung for you we were very professional wanting more.

    P.D: Sorry for my crappy English. We are Spanish. xDDD: =)

  25. i played it, i say its a great game with unique story and gameplay…and now i say: when does the 3rd demo be playeble and when does the complete version be available?

  26. Hey Laura, I’ve been wanting to get some of your CDs that you’ve made in the past, how would I get that legitimately? I’m sure I could torrent it or something, but then you wouldn’t be able to get any money and I’d love to hear more of your work, so how can I get some of them? ^_^

    • Hi Daystar, thank-you very much for wanting to support me rather than torrent my music, I really appreciate it ^_^ I’m actually trying to get a new store set up on my other website this month, here is a link to that site if you’re interested. In the interim, there’s a lot of music at that site that you can download for free and a donate button, hehe… but hopefully I’ll have a legitimate store going soon if all goes well!

  27. It’s been a good while since I played this so I figured I’d play through it again. Loved it then, love it now! The soundtrack… oh how I missed it! I absolutely love your music (I was and always will be a proud owner of your first album =p) and the dialogue in this game, particularly the zombies, still puts a smile to my face. Also, “Bow of Aero” is way too cute/genius of a skill name! Can’t wait for the game to be finished, it’s great.

  28. Hihi! Totally LOVIONG your demo so far. It has such sweet melodies, and you have the gameplay running smoothly so far. I am very impressed. :3

    May I post a few suggestions?
    I noticed that when pressing spacebar to grab an item out of a barrel in Leeble Village that I could only successfully do so when I was facing the front of the barrel (specifically, I’m mentioning the one in Dominic’s house). I think one should be able to recieve the item when facing the barrel at all fronts.

    When the first flashback occurrs when Dominic is talking to his caregivers, they mention that they “have never seen a human before” but also mention right afterward that”most humans are not that nice to Leebles.” I think this statement should be further clarified, perhaps rewording it to state that “We have heard that most humans are not nice to Leebles.” If they have not ever met a human, then the only way they could know anything about humans is through word of mouth. πŸ˜€

    Finally (sorry, I think this game is awesome and I want to ensure that it,’s perfect in the final runs!) when leaving an area, it seems that there are some invisible walls keeping one from transitioning unless the character is on the dirt path. When the character exits stage right into the “dangerous part” from Leeble Village, I noticed that the message only played if the character was on the dirt path. That doesn’t make sense. =^.^=

    I may add a few other little odds and ends once I fully complete the demo.

    I adore this demo and fully support you in your endeavors. I can’t wait until the final product!

  29. Hello Laura! I found a bit of time to try the Demo
    of Melolune! I must say that is a fantastic game, and
    the music is spectacular! At certain points in the game I
    are sincerely moved … The gameplay is
    immersive, the graphics are above average for a videogame
    of this type, and the sound is “something never heard in
    an RPG!”. I can’t wait to play the game when it’s
    released! Great job! πŸ˜€

    Bye! ^_^

  30. heyzy hoo

    This demo was an absolute joy from start to finish and I cannot wait to play the whole thing !

    I’ve been a fan of your music for awhile and the way you have implemented the tunes here to work with the dungeons so that they build with each shard of melolune is a really nice touch.

    Also, I’m loving the little details; like the Leeble family portraits in the tree houses πŸ˜› β™₯


  31. I couldn’t test the demo… My computer wouldn’t let me run the demo without administrator changes and this laptop is not just mine… so I couldn’t play, but it looks like a really good game to play.

  32. This was so fun! Very cute. I was really sad when I got to the boat and realized that there wasn’t any more to play! Will be keeping my eye on on this site, I’m looking forward to the release πŸ™‚

  33. Hello Laura!
    I’m not a regular gamer and I’m not very good at video games, but I liked your game a lot! It reminds me of the older versions of pokemon ❀
    I was wondering how to get a pass from the Basho check station the first time?
    Thanks =)

    • Thanks, I’m so glad you’re enjoying it ^_^ To get a pass from the Basho check station you have to have Andy in your party. To get him, head south to the Doogay Swamp and village of Izaya. Your party will end up camping out for the night. During this time Andy will wake you up and offer you a ride to Ciro on his friend’s boat in exchange for escorting him to the port town of Debonet. But he’ll tell you that before you can go to Debonet you’ll need a pass from the check station in Basho… Now that Andy is in your party, the folks at the check station will give you a pass. Hope that helps!

      • o haha i got it thanks πŸ™‚
        when is the full game going to come out? I’m looking forward to the release XD

  34. GREAT GAME brings back old memories of snes and nes games. keep up the good work

  35. This game is amazing. I’ve been playing it for the past 4 hours! πŸ˜€

  36. How amazing. Hang in there! You’re creating beautiful music and wonderful worlds πŸ™‚

    (is there a blood elf druid side-quest coming in the future?)

  37. Ok I have to say this when will you release this full version Im in love with it. And the music is fun to listen too gets you in the mood to play the game more. The little details are amazing and uber kawaii πŸ˜€ I really enjoyed the introduction its something I never seen in a rpg. I love the grahics. For sure I’ll be looking out for more!. ^___^

  38. Oh and excuse the typos.. English second lang. ^___^ keep it up.. ❀ ❀

  39. The only thing I don’t like is it doesn’t work on mac.. DX It’s such a good game!! Finish it soon, so I can get it!! XD

  40. I am playing the demo, but how do you get on to the glider? It won’t seem to work. 😦

  41. this game is very very good! when will the full version come out?

  42. Just ran into your channel on youtube. I am blowed away. Everything you make is so beautifull. Can’t wait to play your Demo. Just bought Play for Japan, the album because of your song in there.

    I even had to download freaking Itunes with all the other crap apple installs.. Well, it was worth it. Now I am going to play your demo.

    I have never been fan of anything, but now I am a fan. Keep doing what your doing. You have so much potential! You will get far, just take the chances that come by.

  43. My dictionary got the wrong definition for ‘bad-ass’. It says extraordinarily awesome person, but it SHOULD say Laura Shigihara.

  44. You’re just the best!!! <3<3<3<3
    Laura for president!!

  45. I loved the demo, and I really hope you will be able to finish the game and put it out there. I would love to buy the completed version some day!

  46. blop !

    i think your game need subtitle for some reason : there are deaf people who can’t hear what the introduction said ^^;

    but i plan to try to finish the demo πŸ™‚

  47. I want a longer (3+ minute) version of the intro song. So beautiful!

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