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  1. Very cool RPG! Love it! ^^

  2. It’s funny,
    I just answer you at tigsource and you are just before me in the list of IGF games 🙂

    Good luck for the contest, your artwork is really nice !

  3. Shigi,
    I just thought that it might be an idea for you to add some background to the rooms, you know, in the back of it. It’s sorta black…..maybe you could add a bit of grass and flowers?

    Musically yours,

  4. Wow the graphics are amazing and so full of colour and detail!

  5. This is just lovely. If you would allow me, I would gladly volunteer to do concept art for the weapons or equipment used by the characters. I’ve had at least 4 years of experience doing so and feel that I might be able to contribute to this project. My email address is Please send me a message if you want any weapons or pieces of equipment designed. Thank you. =)

  6. :O Did you draw all that?

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